The Beatles recorded by Beatles. The VINYL rates around VG+, but it's value is only a fraction of the entire piece. see what style Vee-Jay label was issued with various albums, go to the The record has two things which aren't genuine. "MY BONNIE / THE SAINTS" 45 Black Label w/ Color Bars (MGM) 10.) font, text location, and logo are identical to an original but not as sharp. $238.00 $ 238. It is a prized possession because of its distinctive design. Parts of our site will not function correctly without them. was January 10, 1964 . but PLEASE PLEASE ME has no comma. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ It's important to note that the majority of Hi-End collectibles like this are always usually quite expensive primarily in most cases due to the fact that here in 2019, they are RARE and at this stage QUITE SCARCE. The Beatles' recording contract that began May 1962 with Parlophone in the United Kingdom gave the parent corporation EMI rights to offer any of the group's recordings to the various labels EMI owned in many countries of the world. Used on later pressings of, Red background with 30 color photos of other albums on the Vee-Jay record label on each side of the sleeve. and text is always very sharp and clear. This pressing was released in The United States. WE WELCOME ALL INQUIRIES! All items are, special circumstances whereby items can qualify for a return, but one reason that's, reflect accurate or current market values, regardless of who the authors. LP 1062 is in again Affiliate programs and Despite this, the back of the cover was not properly prepared. There was a last-minute bid of $14,999, which was accepted. On July 2nd, a bid of 99 cents was made. eBay. Tax & Fees may apply depending upon BUYER LOCATON! "SAVAGE YOUNG BEATLES" Yellow Label (Savage) 31.) Both singles went up to number two on the Hot 100, with "Twist and Shout" reaching number one on both Cash Box and Record World. . But I got home and looked up the album through Google and noticed that its claimed to be "the most counterfitted . This LP. version 1 mono copies were not pressed with this label style. This article will provide some tips on how to tell if introducing the Beatles is real, including looking for the correct labels, checking for signs of authenticity, and considering the production date. With their incorporation of a variety of influences from different genres, they created a unique sound that was unlike anything else at the time. With his first hand knowledge of everything that went on there through December 1964 , his insight and experiences with respect to daily company operations and internal issues which he graciously passed on to us, have been in valuable since they originated from his personal experience. The accepted release date. I absolutely love the music on it, as well as the cover. As a small, NOTE: Contrary to popular misguided belief, these LPs were NEVER RELEASED in 1 963. Any VERSION 1 STEREO Disc is a RARE find and has significant value of it's own! Since he had p revious experience at the time in the recording industry, they hired him to work at "Vee Jay" . vendors labored around the clock to meet the enormous demand for this LP. Find out the value of a Vinyl Record, CD, or Cassette, etc. We point out that "THE BEATLES" are in a category of their own and in cases with many of their extremely rare items, we've sold some of their records even when they did have surface issues, however their value in any condition made these specific items retain certain value and collectability and a buyer would be made aware of it before we would ever sell it. Introducing The Beatles is easily the most counterfeited album in all of Beatles collecting. characteristics found on COUNTERFEIT DISCS: Some of the more common England's Greatest Recording Stars: The Beatles and Frank Ifield on Stage issued on 26 February, containing the Beatles tracks "Please Please Me", "From Me to You", "Ask Me Why" and "Thank You Girl" from the 1963 singles and Introducing, and other tracks from Frank Ifield. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Our auction results for SR-1062 were last updated on 2018-03-11. "MEET THE BEATLES" Compact 33 (Capitol) 27.) Welcome to our Vee-Jay Introducing The Beatles page. The Beatles and albums by Frank Ifield, Alma Cogan and a Jewish cantor.[16]. A Beatles 45 record, which is estimated to be worth between 2,500 and 3,000 dollars, is a good example of this. The new versions were prepared in late January and began appearing in stores around 10 February 1964. Add those to the more than 30 different authentic versions that VJ managed to produce in 1963 and 1964, and you have quite a complicated situation for collectors and historians. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. To BTW, there are two dozen VEE JAY variations of this album. This rare album has just been auctioned off in the United States, fetching less than $15,000. his MEDICAL BILLS not covered by health insurance. See all 10 formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. "YESTERDAY & TODAY" Several Prototype Covers (Capitol) 33.) "Disc Labels & Company 45 Sleeves" in the main menu. characteristics found on ORIGINAL COVERS: Some of the more common We welcome any comments, suggestions, additions, and/or corrections for this page. This check can only be made by viewing the Add those to the more than 30 different authentic versions that VJ managed to . INTRODUCING THE BEATLES BLANK BACK STEREO AUTHENTIC!!! Any copy claiming to be stereo which does not play in stereo is a fake. The Beatles Format: Vinyl. Any instead of a tan/brown color. 4.5 out of 5 stars 42 ratings. splotchy colors do not blend together smoothly and the color green is missing. Although color shades do vary on originals, the printing of the photo Collecting original Beatles memorabilia is a great way to own a piece of music history, and the value of these items is only likely to go up in the future. When making any offer always feel free to ask as many questions as you can. "I'LL GET YOU" One-Sided Promo 45 (Swan) 19.) "THE BEATLES & FRANK IFIELD" Stereo or Mono Portrait Cover (Vee Jay) 9.) After ten days of receiving 24 bids from 13 different buyers, the album was auctioned off. Find out the value of a Vinyl Record, CD, or Cassette, etc. independent company with a big hit record on their hands, Vee-Jay and their The answer seems to be that it was pressed in several limited variations by Vee-Jay records. Any with poor quality printing are This sleeve is the most obvious fake. [23] It also peaked at number two in Cash Box, and it got to number one in Record World magazine. "PLEASE PLEASE ME / FROM ME TO YOU" Promo BEATLEMANIA Sleeve VJ-581 (Vee Jay) 21.) Very RARE , quite collectible a nd valuable to any BEATLES collector! I have tried all the releases but can't seem to find mine. [35] This Vee-Jay creation spent three weeks on the Billboard chart in October 1964 and peaked at number 142. Records in true Near Mint to Mint condition, which are very difficult to find, would in most cases command noticeably higher prices. Non-investment-minded . Some of the more common However, with the proliferation of bootlegs, fakes and covers, it can be difficult to assess the authenticity of a Beatles recording. 1 for eleven consecutive weeks, IntroducingThe Beatles stalled at No. However there, buying when you make your purchase. You can be sure that if you have the real deal, it will be a valuable item. After the settlement, the Beechwood songs were issued by Vee-Jay as a single, on 27 April on Tollie. With that said, although sometimes not stated in many of our listings he's willing to to offering DISCOUNTS to those who appear to be serious. The knowledge of how the original should look in every aspect would be the best weapon one could have in detecting counterfeits. lettering in the bottom right corner should be black and read "LP 1062". (not all caps), left justified titles / "Stereo" @3:00 / stereo in small print / "SIDE" Given how much the Beatles catalog has been estimated to be worth after Michael Jacksons death in 2009, its difficult to argue with this figure. SOME INTERESTING & IMPORTANT FACTS about xceptions have been found rarely, however if you do see one, you need to look at other characteristics, the color "GREEN" in the circle of colors around the black "RAINBOW" label. begin by giving a precise description of the original album. "MEET THE BEATLES" Open-End Interview Compact 33 (Capitol) 28.) Also a Beatles EP titled Souvenir of Their Visit to America was released by Vee-Jay on 23 March, featuring "Misery", "A Taste of Honey", "Ask Me Why", and "Anna".[26]. "INTRODUCING THE BEATLES" Stereo AD BACK LP (Vee Jay) 6.) Introducing The Beatles-Englands No.1 Vocal Group-Vee-Jay Records-SR 1062, Introducing the Beatles' Stereo 1964 Vee-Jay SR-1062, Introducing The Beatles from Vee Jay Records SR-1062 "Fake", THE BEATLES -LP- "INTRODUCING" G / VG VEE-JAY SR-1062, Beatles Introducing the Beatles vinyl Lp record 2 copies. All BEATLES pricing is reflective of the latest BEATLES PRICE GUIDES in particular the most recent guides. So when you think that the price listed might be higher than you think it should be, please keep all these added costs in mind. "A HARD DAY'S NIGHT" Stereo PINK Vinyl LP (United Artists) 17.) Jump directly to Shopping Cart, make your selections and Checkout. Not in the greatest shape but with some tlc should play pretty fine. [20] This cover is known by collectors as the "Ad Back" version and is highly sought. The Beatles are regarded as one of the greatest bands of all time, with their music still being widely distributed. PLEASE NOTE: So called Bootlegs should not be marked as Fake unless they are reproductions of Bootlegs. More variations of this album exist than perhaps any record every issued by any artist. The sleeve cover was designed by an unknown artist. (US Reissue Pressing with Rainbow Rim Vee-Jay Label. on the track list), the counterfeiter listed P.S. Please remember this when buying and always ask questions prior to finalizing any purchase. This particular edition has matrix numbers of 63-3402 and 63-3403 printed on the disc labels and in the run out grooves. The other Introducing song was "I Saw Her Standing There", first released in the UK on the Please Please Me LP. If the group's name is below the center hole, the record is a fake, most likely pressed in the '70s. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, Any labels with flat textured rainbow/colorband labels are fakes. On all [28] Finally, on 9 April 1964, the two labels settled. Worth what you paid for it and more just for how odd it is. [37] "Misery" and "There's a Place", two of the other three songs, would not make their Capitol Records LP debut until 1980, on the US version of Rarities. Bids 34 bids. Please take a moment and look over all of our listings. . "ASK ME WHY" PROMO Black & White Sleeve (Vee Jay) 4.) [27] Because the album was often pressed quickly between restraining orders, there are almost two dozen different label variations, including mono and stereo copies, manufactured at numerous pressing plants. There is a difference between the two tracks in that Paul's count-off is cut short on the Vee-Jay release by three numbers leaving only "four!" locations. Later, in the summer of 1964, Capitol would release Something New in the United States with five songs that had already appeared on the American A Hard Day's Night soundtrack album released by United Artists Records about one month earlier. I Love You" (Legitimate hype stickers show "Twist and Shout" and "Please, Please Me"), This page was last edited on 14 February 2023, at 16:31. Any copy claiming to be stereo which does not say stereo on the label is a fake. This Reference Guide was made to help both the novice and the experienced collector identify and authenticate copies of Introducing The Beatles, including both real and counterfeit issues, and to determine their rarity and value. Did you conclude it's a fake? Please feel free to ask any questions or request additional photos! From the start of Beatlemania in the United States until the October 1964 expiration of its rights to Beatles music, Vee-Jay issued four LP albums, four singles, and an EP out of the 16 tracks it gained from its 1963 license period. If you're not certain, please ask. It is impossible to find genuine versions with the title above the hole, but the artists name below it. quality printing. flap at all, but they still have the glossy back cover slick as well as high This section examines real and counterfeit issues as well as their rarity and value. Only a few mono copies of the album were ever made in the United Kingdom, and only special orders were given. Remember that only, ever produced to be paired with all 3 covers. property of a fake is the width of the trail-off (dead wax) area. for a stereo copy) while the back has catalog number VJLP 1062 (which would This record was release on 1964-01-10. These are two "requisites" for determining the authenticity of this album being a "true" Stereophonic Vee-Jay Records "Introducing The Beatles" album.